Good Morning Faith Family,

We just received an urgent need from Kimber and Seneca who are new members of our church. They need to move this weekend and need help packing up and moving.  Please, if you are able, help them move to a safer place for Blakely.

Please contact the church office for Kimber's phone number and address.


Pastor Ebassa

"Blakely has been very sick with respiratory problems  (which is why we weren't at service on Sunday). Our apartment management company has been very negligent in cleaning up water losses and we suspected mold. We had testing done and we do indeed have mold. Blakely's doctor thinks mold could be the cause. So, we have to move in a hurry. We found a home to rent in Founders Village and we need to move ASAP for Blakely's sake. We are going to try to do the majority on Saturday and finish on Sunday but nothing is packed as we just found out yesterday. We will have a moving truck, but we need some helpers to pack and move from Plum Creek to Founders Village. We would be so grateful for anyone who could lend a hand. 
Kimber and Seneca"

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