On October 22, 2017, we will not be "having" church so that we can practice "being"  church!

Instead of gathering for our normal services at Faith Lutheran, we (FLC and  Ridgeline Community Church) are going to disperse throughout the Castle Rock community in order to "Be The Church!"

"Be the Church Day" will be another opportunity as an entire church body to apply all we have been learning about being the church, together, outside of our building. We will be serving our community in many different ways from cleaning up government buildings, parks, and trails . . . to fixing up homes for seniors, widows, and others in need . . . to sharing Jesus in assisted living facilities  . . .to helping other non profit organizations .

Please set aside October 22, 2017, as a unique Sunday to passionately follow Jesus together as we spread out! We will begin with a "commissioning" / worship time at

Faith Lutheran Church at 9 am, then we will head out to do as many as forty different service projects throughout our town. 

As we get ready for this big step of faith as a church family, we need your help with the three P’s:

1. Your participation. If you are planning to Be the Church please fill out the sign up sheet in Sunday's bulletin and place it in the offering plate or you may register online  now.

2. Your proclamation. Please spread the word with others in our church family and in your areas of influence that this will be happening. 

3. Your prayers. We need prayers for logistics of managing all of these projects. We need prayers that God will be glorified and Jesus made more famous in Castle Rock through this endeavor. We need prayers for cooperative weather. We need prayer in every way for every detail and every person we serve.

Why are we doing this?

  1. The Bible consistently highlights care for those in need as a defining characteristic of God’s people (Lev 19:10, Deu 10:18, Mat 19:21, Mat 25:35, Gal 2:10, Jam 1:27, 1Jo 3:17-18)
  2. The Bible warns us about the dangers of learning about God without putting that knowledge into practice (Jam 1:23-24, 1Co 8:1)

What do we hope to accomplish by this?

  1. Obedience.
  2. Movement away from being consumers to being co-laborers (i.e. from “what am I getting out of this church thing?” to “what am I contributing to the Kingdom?”).
  3. The stirring of a missional mindset among both  of our congregations.
  4. An opportunity to put into practice a consistent theme of our Sunday messages over the past year.

But why on Sunday?

  1. More of our congregations are available on Sunday than any other day.
  2. This communicates the priority we place on this kind of action.
  3. Demonstrate unity of the universal body of Christ.

Thank you for "Being the Church" in advance!


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