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Soup Needed for Star Lighting Event 

Faith Lutheran will be handing out 40 gallons of soup at this annual community event on November 18th and we need your help providing the soup.

Please use a package of 15 Bean Soup as the base (some folks get creative from there) and deliver it to the Williams home on Saturday, November 18th.

Safeway, King Soopers and other markets have the bags of soup beans.

Please deliver from 9 - 11 am to the alley behind 213 Cantril St:  the "soup kitchen" is the white bungalow with two white garages in the alley.

Important - Enter the alley from 3rd Street, behind the two story brick “Cantril House”,  and park on either the left behind the garages, or to the right in various open spots, but not in the alley itself, when dropping off the soup. Exit onto 2nd Street.

 Lessons We Have Learned

Please soak and then cook the soup long enough for the beans to soften.

Many make the soup in advance and freeze in a plastic bag.  However, if frozen please thaw before delivery, and please deliver in plastic bags.

 Please include your name on the bag.

Thank you for your support!


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