Dear Friends of Faith,

This morning one of our church family members, the Arguello's, experienced the unimaginable when their house caught fire and burned down. We are thankful the Arguello's escaped the disaster without bodily harm, but we must not forget they lost everything they own.  I am asking those who are in a position to helping, to step up!

I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose everything in the house: family photographs on the walls, wedding albums, the kid’s first drawings….it would be such a time of trial.  To suffer such a loss and to deal with not having the most basic of necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing would be so difficult.

We often hear the phrase, "do unto others..." and I believe this is a situation where we need to take that to heart.  I understand some items cannot be replaced, but I’d like for members of Faith Lutheran Church to do what we can to help the Arguello's. 

If it were your family, wouldn’t you want others to step up and lend a hand in helping you get back on your feet?  As the church, this is part of our privilege and obligation and a wonderful opportunity to show God’s love through our actions.

I look forward to the opportunity to bless the Arguello family, and I hope you will do what you can to fill them with blessings in their season of need. We ask you to bless them by providing meals and gift cards (Sam's Club, Kohl's and Target).  

You can drop off the meals and gift cards at:
2063 Sandhurst Dr.
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Please click here to access the meal train and sign up for a night to provide dinner.


In Christ,
Pastor E.


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