Dear Faith Lutheran Church Family,

We have just completed our annual generosity campaign, "Fearless Generosity." Through this campaign, we asked the members and regular attendees of our church community to formally commit a portion of their income to support the mission and ministry of Faith Lutheran Church in the coming year.

While there is the practical side of a financial commitment, the funding needed to allow our church to carry out its mission, we also believe that tithing and giving are an important part of a growing relationship with God. For that reason, we strongly encourage all church members and regular attendees to make a commitment as a way of honoring God.

If you have not yet made a pledge for the coming year, we hope that you will do so. While I challenged us with the goal of tithing, this is not possible for some. However, every commitment is vital to the church and to each person who makes it.

Please call the church office for a commitment card in case you have misplaced yours or grab one on Saturday night or Sunday morning at worship and place your pledge in the offering plate. I know that if you make a commitment, you will be very happy you did and will be blessed for the role it plays in helping to transform our world.

God loves you and so do I.

Pastor E.



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