We have now been in Ethiopia for 5 days, and what a journey it has been! We spent Monday, May 28th with the Tarkanfi organization. We planted trees, handed out chickens and beehives to the local women. We also gifted microscopes and first aid kit (amongst other things) to the school. We were truly overwhelmed by the warm reception.

We spent Tuesday, May 28th with the Tolcha Preaching Center, the church we helped buy land for. It rained cats and dogs, but the warm reception was humbling nonetheless.

We are currently at the airport, on our way to the historical sites- looking forward to learning more about the culture.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.



We arrived in Gonder early this morning and after checking in to our hotel we hit the ground running! We spent the majority of the day visiting the Bath of Fasiladas. What an incredible site filled with rich history! A site everyone should visit.


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