Blessings Building to Christmas

Advent is a time of anticipation building up to the celebration of Christmas. One great way to help build this anticipation is by having all of your family members get involved in a fun and encouraging daily practice that is ultimately celebrated on Christmas Day. To begin, you need a basket or jar, a small notepad or slips of paper, and a pen. Place all of these together in a central area of your home, such as the kitchen counter, fireplace mantle, or dining table. Every day during Advent, each family member writes down a blessing for which they are thankful, folds it and drops it in the basket or jar. On Christmas day, gather together and take turns reading blessings pulled from the jar. Thank God for the many blessings you have experienced during the Advent season.

Advent Prayer Chain

This fun activity will help your family keep prayer at the center of your Advent season. Gather together and cut one strip of paper representing each day of Advent. On each strip, write out a prayer request. Create a paper chain by taping the first strip in a circle, then inserting another strip through that circle and taping it, and so on, until you have a chain made up of paper links for each of the prayer requests you wrote down. On Sunday, December 2nd, open your first link and pray together as a family for what is on the strip. Continue to open up a new link each day of Advent and pray for that need. 


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