Friday is your opportunity to join in unity with Faith Lutheran Church and seek God's power for the Christmas Eve Service.  Fasting will begin at 6am Friday morning to 6am Saturday morning.  We will meet at the church on Friday evening at 8:30pm for prayer.  Please join us.

It will be awesome to see how God builds His kingdom through the salvation and gift-mixes of those whom He is seeking to touch through our Christmas Eve Service.  It is going to be awesome!

But there is something precarious about big plans
that has felled other churches in the past: trying to build God's kingdom with the power of human efforts alone.

These are some of the reasons we're fasting on Friday:  To humble ourselves and admit our dependency on God. To petition His mighty arm for the advancing of His kingdom in us and through us.  And for the sake of those who have yet to make the important step of calling Him Savior and Lord. There is no question: Faith Lutheran Church needs God, we desperately need to seek His face to see Him move.

Of course, one of the best ways to learn about fasting is to do it.  Still, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Fast from all food. Or drink just fruit juice, water or coffee.  The important things are to sacrifice, spend some time in prayer, and believe your prayers are touching heaven and changing earth.

2. If you can't fast all day for health reasons, pick something to fast from, decide on the time frame and then do it.

3. Don't get legalistic**.  If you end up fasting or fast as long as you'd committed.  While the fast is from 6am Friday to 6 am Saturday and there is power in agreement, don't beat yourself up if you miss it or break it too early.  Fast Saturday to Sunday if you like. You were never right with God for doing things anyway and that hasn't changed (Eph. 2:8-9, Rom. 8:1).  Give Him praise, dust yourself off and prepare emotionally for the next time (the next all church fast is January).

4. Pray Crazy-Big, Ridiculous things.  Though I believe there is power in unity and agreement, fasting usually accomplishes a lot more when it is accompanied by prayer. Man or woman of God, now is not the time for wimpy prayers. Pray for the impossible. Pray for the things that could never happen and for which you just see no way.

5. Pray Specifically.  The more specifically we pray, the easier the answers are to spot and the more confidence you will gain in God's heart toward those who keep on asking.  The church focus for Friday is the Christmas Eve Service, but you can pray for anything you want and trust God to do it.  


God's anointing and leading for passing out invitations to friends and family.

The sense of God's blessing and empowerment and joy for and through: 
The servants (ushers, greeters, altar guild, acolytes, worship assistant, readers, sounds crew, Sounds of faith, and Jennifer)

Good, cheery holiday weather.

Lost folks would be inspired to come to know Jesus Christ personally.

The multitude of things that could go wrong would stay protected and covered by the Lord

The presence of the Lord would hover at Faith Lutheran Church the 24th

The Son of God would be exalted through every component of the service

Guests would genuinely sense the Spirit of God drawing them to Himself.

Faith Lutheran Church would play a significant role in guests and members having a truly magical Christmas.

** An All-Church fast is an invitation to partner with God and join in unity with the local church body.  It is not a demand, a requirement for membership, or a legalistic obligation. Legalism is evil and not encouraged by Faith Lutheran Church (see Gal. 1:6).


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