A Call To Prayer And Fasting

Beginning January 1st through January 14th

 Experiencing God will be launching January 19th and 20th. In the two weeks prior to that launch we felt God calling us to a two-week fast (January 1st – January 14th) as we seek His face and prepare our hearts for what He wants us to experience. We believe that this will be a very powerful time for our church and are asking the whole church to join in.

 We have put together this small FAQ that will hopefully answer any questions you might have about fasting. As always if you have more questions, feel free to ask us either via your connection card or by emailing Pastor Ebassa at pastorebassa@faithcrco.org

 What is fasting?

Fasting is simply a voluntary abstinence from food or other activity for spiritual purposes. Time that would have been spent in that activity is instead used to seek God through prayer, reading of scripture, meditation and or worship.

 What is the purpose of fasting?

The purpose of fasting is to deny the flesh by not feeding it in order to focus on a spiritual purpose. That purpose could be but not limited to: a deeper prayer life; to seek God’s guidance; to seek deliverance or protection; to express repentance and the return of God; to humble ourselves before God; to express concern for the work of God; to minister to the needs of others; to overcome temptation; to dedicate yourself to God; or to express love and worship to God. The main point being there must be a spiritual purpose behind the fast otherwise you would just be excluding an activity that would be filled with another activity.

 Do I have to fast from food?

No. Fasting from food is the most common example that we see in the bible, but you could fast from anything that may be taking your time and attention. Not that those things are wrong to do, it’s just that you would be voluntarily abstaining from them in order to use that time to accomplish a spiritual purpose. Examples of things you could fast from could be but are not limited to; food; TV and other entertainment; social media; sports or hobbies; exercise; or any other activity you participate in on a regular basis. What you fast should be between you and God. Let God guide you and direct you to what you should fast from.

How much of an activity should I fast?

That is between you and God. Remember you are giving up an activity to use that time to seek after God. For some that may mean giving up that activity in its entirety for the full two weeks. For others it may mean giving up something for an hour a day. For example if you are fasting from food, it could mean that you are going to fast from food for the full two weeks or it could be as simple as giving up lunch every day to spend that time seeking the Lord. There is no legalistic requirement to it, you need to fast as God leads you.

 How long should I fast?

The church wide fast will begin Tuesday, January 1st and will end Monday, January 14th at night. Whatever you choose to fast, we are asking that you will fast that activity during that period. So for example if you are fasting from lunch, we would ask that you fast from lunch every day of the church wide fast. Again, follow what God leads you to do. If you feel like God is only asking you to fast for one week, then fast for that week. The whole point isn’t just to deny ourselves, it is to deny ourselves with the spiritual purpose of seeking God’s direction.

 What do you hope to accomplish form a church wide fast?

We believe that God answers when His children seek His guidance. The whole purpose of Experiencing God it to seek His direction for our lives and for Faith Lutheran Church. Through prayer and fasting as a church we hope to create spiritual focus and breakthrough. Fasting helps us die to ourselves and live for what Christ desires. It helps us to prepare our hearts and put ourselves in a position to hear what God may have to say.

 How do I join in?

There is nothing that you need to do but decide between you and God what your fast will look like. We would suggest that you find an accountability partner that you can trust that will be praying for you during your fasting period. As always, we would love to hear any stories of how God is moving in your life, especially during this fasting time, but it is not a requirement. If you would like to share, please drop us a quick email at pastorebassa@faithcrco.org

 Below is a link to an article giving you more information on fasting:

Rediscovering 15 rewards of Fasting

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