About Us

pic-crosstowerFaith Lutheran Church is a gathering of God’s people committed to the principles of being:

  • Firmly rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
  • Actively serving God,
  • Inviting all others to know God’s love,
  • Trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide and help us through life,
  • Honoring God by proclaiming the Gospel in our use of time, talent and treasure.

Our Mission: “Reaching, Teaching & Healing All with God’s Love.”

Our mission statement encapsulates our purpose as a Christian congregation. We believe God has called us to reach out. We also believe that God has uniquely given us the corporate and individual gifts of teaching and healing to bring God’s love to bear on a hurting world.

Our Vision: “Witnessing the Difference God’s love makes.”

Our vision statement describes the passion and motivation that drives our need to meet our mission. Our passion and motivation spring from our confidence that God’s love positively changes lives for the better.