Hospitality Team –

As a Hospitality Rep, you will need to provide snacks and prepare coffee for those who are at church Sunday mornings.

You will also be responsible for clean-up after service and after everyone has had an adequate amount of time to partake in the options available. If you have any other questions, please reach out to the Petersen’s.

Contact: Dan, Julie, and Sam Petersen at 



Audio/Visual Team –

The audio/visual team is responsible for setting up, monitoring, and adjusting all Worship Center audio/video equipment. The audio/visual team focuses attention and removes distractions by crafting a professional mix and making seamless audio transitions to allow the gospel to be heard through singing songs unto the Lord and hearing the Word taught (Col. 3:16; Eph. 5:19).




Ushers –

The Usher Ministry is in need of more male and female ministers for our Sunday worship service.

Primary Responsibilities are:

Stands at the sanctuary door and greets church guests and members as they arrive; Escorts individuals to their seats or direct them to empty seats in the sanctuary; Helps those who need special seating or accommodations; Keeps individuals and items out of the aisles to allow easy traffic flow and conform to fire safety codes; Arrives at least fifteen minutes before service and remains after to help clean up and socialize with lingering guests and members; Makes introductions between new visitors and regular church members.

Contact: Joy Powers at



Offering Counters –

If you would like to help out FLC by serving as Sunday morning counters of the offering, we have an opportunity for you!
We are in need of 1 more person to help out Sunday mornings following the church service. This takes less than an hour to complete.




Sunday School Teachers –

FLC is looking for teachers for Preschool/Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd and 3rd Grade, and 4th and 5th Grade

Being a Sunday School teacher is a worthy and valuable calling from the Lord. If God has called you to share the Bible with children, please reach out to Gretchen.

Contact: Gretchen at

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