God at the Center

Habits for Spiritual Growth

In addition to Our Daily Bread devotionals, we have a new booklet available for you that is designed to help develop habits for spiritual growth. 

God has called us to a joyful and victorious life in Him. While there’s no formula that delivers the ultimate faith-filled life, He has given us ways to daily strengthen our faith. Activities like talking with Him in prayer, reading the Bible, and serving Him and others lead us one step at a time into a deeper relationship. In God at the Center: Habits for Spiritual Growth, Luis Palau outlines clear steps we can take to build the fundamentals of faith to spiritual maturity.

Contents include:

  1. Talking with God in Prayer
  2. Reading God’s Book
  3. Cultivating Dependence on God
  4. Practicing Obedience to God
  5. Serving God and Others
  6. Becoming God’s Ambassador

You are welcome to pick up your booklet by the mailboxes today!  


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