Everyone Has A Role in Outreach

Outreach isn’t just for missionaries or for church staff member. It’s everyone’s job to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth by making disciples. Maybe your health or stage of life won’t allow you to go on a trip- then pray for a team or help through financial support. Maybe you have the time to go, but you’re not sure you can afford the cost-  then sign up below and pray that someone at Faith Lutheran Church will help send you. Everyone can join God’s mission!


Connect people to Jesus and create a gospel-centered community of Faith Lutheran Church.


Connect people to Jesus and create a gospel-centered community of our partners within the USA.


Connect people to Jesus and create a gospel-centered community with our partners in other countries.


Our Key Focus Areas

Jesus had a heart for people; He met the physical need before addressing the eternal. As we reflect on the needs of communities around the world, we see that several are caught in cycles preventing them from hearing the Gospel. Their physical, immediate needs consist of clean water, food, and the ability to provide for their family. In meeting the most basic needs of those we serve, we earn the right to share God’s love. By educating locals, teaching hygiene, providing access to clean water, establishing sustainable businesses, and creating jobs, we become a community of transformation.



Outreach Partnerships


Ethiopia – Tarkanfi Sustainable Development

Our congregation has partnered with a Humanitarian Organization in Ethiopia, Tarkanfi Sustainable Development (TSD), which is an indigenous Ethiopian NGO founded in 2011 to improve the quality of life of marginalized rural and urban communities in Ethiopia. The organization focuses on women empowerment, enhancing girl’s education, clean water, income generation, environmental protection, child sponsorship and public health.





Faith Lutheran has partnered with TSD to fund a water well in the town of Dode, Ethiopia.  We have worked with TSD to provide women with beehives, and with chickens, coop, and feed to start their own businesses.  We have donated microscopes, periodic tables, and other supplies to the school under TSD.  Our ongoing partnership is dedicated to sponsoring girls to have an opportunity for an education.


Our church is currently sponsoring 10 girls, but there are more girls awaiting sponsorship.  We want more people to get involved in sponsoring girls.  If you are able to sponsor and girl, please email us at office@faithcrco.org.



Sox Place

Locally we work with Sox Place, a shelter in Denver serving street youth and young adults. Many have been abandoned by parents/guardians, some are victims of the foster care system, while most have been tossed aside by society. Several suffer from addictions to drugs, alcohol, and trauma from violence and sex trafficking. Sox Place provides a safe space filled with those working to spread Gods redeeming power.


Faith Lutheran supports Sox Place with financial donations, and supplies (socks, hygiene products, winter coats, jeans, etc.) We are currently working on establishing a bi-monthly service program to serve hot meals and will need volunteers. If you want to get involved, please email us at office@faithcrco.org.

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