Friends of Faith,
I am inviting the congregation to a time of prayer and fasting this Saturday, November 3rd. As preparation, I am sending daily emails with Bible verses to help us strategically pray throughout the week.  
Today we will start with asking the Lord to cleanse our hearts. The desire of God is for our hearts to be purified;  it is out of the heart that all form of evil spills out ( Jeremiah 17:9-10, Mattew 15:18-20).
The Old and New Testament have a lot to say about a clean heart, teaching us our tainted hearts will cloud our relationship with God.  In preparation for our time of prayer and fasting on Saturday (November 3), will you take time this week to get your heart right /connected with the Lord? 

Monday  - Let us focus on getting our heart right before God: 

• Repentance, humility, and turning from wicked ways...2 Chronicles 7:14

• "Search my heart, O God.” - Psalm 139: 22-23 (the focus of this prayer is for God to cleanse our heart of any clutter, impurity and get our heart right with Him)

• "Let not willful sin have control over me, acquit me from hidden sin.” - psalm 19 (The focus of this request is for God to set us free from strongholds and break habits and tendencies that are not glorifying to Him.) 

• Give me a clean heart, O God - Psalm 51

• Make me white as snow - Isaiah 1:18 

In Him,

Pastor Ebassa


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