Friends of Faith,
I am inviting the congregation to a time of prayer and fasting this Saturday, December 1st at 3 pm.  As preparation, I am sending daily emails with Bible verses to help us strategically pray throughout the week.  

We see numerous examples of prayer and fasting throughout the Old and New Testament. As a church, I am calling us to make this practice part of our DNA. Thus, the first Saturday of every month we will dedicate it as a day of prayer and fasting. Please join us this Saturday from 3 - 4, as we gather in the sanctuary to pray.

Our focus of prayer will be:
1. Pray that the Father will draw people to Jesus (John 6:44)
2. Pray that God will fill every chair at FLC with people to worship Him (Acts 2:47)
3. Pray that as a congregation we will be the True Worshipers the Fathers seeks, those who will worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23)
4. Pray for God to touch the lives of those who will be attending the Christmas Eve services. 

In Him,

Pastor Ebassa


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